Exciting projects!

This week was really exciting. We met our placement students properly as they prepared to get stuck in to projects for the Let’s Talk Food collaboration that I have with Dr Laura Wyness. They will be helping us to help build content and adapt existing material.

Last year, Michelle Gavin joined us and worked on what is now called the Eat Well Handbook. It was a such a success that we have taken four students this year. Excuse the terrible pun, hope we haven’t bitten off more than we can chew.

All of them were excited and enthused by the projects we have put together for them, they have told us what experience they hope to get out of it and we hope to get lots of projects a good step closer to finished as result of their hard work – worth some mentoring, meeting time and admin to give back and see some nutritionists at the start of their journey gain experience and confidence.

Laura and I have so many ideas of how we could give useful and accessible information to the public at different life stages and crisis points. Eating well can really look quite different at different points but can be instrumental to good health and well being if the relevant barriers can be overcome. But we are only two and both of us have lots of other commitments which reigns us in and slows us down. To have a few more hands on deck can only be a good thing.

The New Year is always a time to think about moving forward and what we want to do next but it is also about how we want to do it. Moving forward by taking some enthusiastic young nutritionists with us, giving something back to the profession is definitely something that we want to be part of the Let’s Talk Food collaboration.

Wish us luck. If you are members of the Let’s Talk Food Facebook group you might see Cheryl, Aisling, Julia and Susannah posting or doing a bit of research. Be welcoming and supportive – as I am sure you will be. Engage with them as they venture into a bit of nutrition communication.

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