Introduction to Mindful Eating

….the on-line course

After some lovely feedback on the Let’s Talk Food freebie resources on Mindful Eating, I am happy to share that we have expanded the topic to produce a short on-line course.

The course addresses the basics that most people can consider in order to adopt a bit more awareness to eating. We have received our first review of the course and it was lovely to read.

This course has made me more aware of the types of hunger we may experience and how to recognise the signs of physical hunger. It was an eye-opening course that I would strongly recommend for anyone. The contents of this course were comprehensive and easy to follow. It also included a variety of resources available for download! 😃

Course participant, from the website.

If you are interested in what mindful eating is and how it might help you, head over to the Lets Talk Food website and take a look.

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