How is Lockdown going for you?

From a food perspective that is. This life of trying to limit food shopping, no restaurants or cafes, limited takeaway or delivered food, with the family all at home all the time is a weird one. Slowly Europe is relaxing the restrictions but we still need to be staying home and limiting where we go for a while longer. Everyone has a different story of lockdown food and how it has changed their way of eating.

For some it has been a rediscovery of all things baking and cooking from scratch. Having more time to cook or at least to let things cook in the oven doing other things because you are at home. I see so many social media posts like that. People sharing amazing recipes and beautiful photos. People saying they have rediscovered an enjoyment of cooking. Learning to make new things. Chasing the monotony of the days away with food.

Some have added more veg to their diet with veg boxes and deliveries from companies that are diverting food intended for the restaurant sector to domestic kitchens instead. Lots of great things happening. If we look at market data we see that there has been an increase in the purchase of foods that we should be eating more of like fruits and vegetables.

But we are not all in the same boat. We may be riding out the same storm. But our boats can be very different.

For some, cash flow has ground to a halt. Some are trying to stretch out their normal weekly food budget to last a month. There has been an increase in the use of food banks during the crisis which is probably no surprise. Some schools have diverted their school meal food to vulnerable households.

For some, providing every meal for everyone in the house is not something that they are finding much joy in. When before lockdown, the children ate at school, the adults ate at work, one night was out either at friends or at a restaurant, moving to planning all the meals along with all the other change could be too much. If things are stressful in the house with everyone trying to work or study or play at the same time, trying to be a chef as well just might not be your thing.

All the jokes about us emerging from our homes three times the size we were at the start of lockdown may be amusing but to someone with issues with their weight or with disordered eating, these could be really making their struggles worse.

We all deal with stress and anxiety in different ways. For some it results in eating more or eating certain comfort foods. Boredom can send us to the kitchen and munch half a packet of biscuits just waiting for the kettle to boil. For others, appetite can all but disappear and weight loss that comes about from just not really eating is never really very healthy.

However you are coping with food during this weird situation – be kind to yourself.

If you find the way that our situation has affected the way people are eating and shopping for food interesting then join @AfNutr on Twitter for a Twitter Chat on 19th May 8-9pm UK time. We will be discussing nutrition in lockdown. There are six open ended questions to structure the discussion and there will be lots of resources, interesting articles, observations and opinions shared.

Keep washing those hands. Share your lockdown experiences and recipes. I would love to read them.

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