Testimonials from other Nutritionists

In our work to improve the support we could give to the women we were work with, we learnt a lot about menopause. It seems that we were part of a revolution. In the last year, menopause has become a hot topic. In producing the Eating Well for Menopause book and on-line courses. it became clear that this information and learning was valuable to other nutritionists working with women. We were invited to talk to groups of nutritionists and these webinars were very much appreciated. The idea was born to make an affordable accredited CPD course to support other health professionals.

Let’s Talk Food is a collaboration between myself and Dr Laura Wyness. Often, collaborations can bring so much more than a simple addition of experience and knowledge. I think this is very true of the Let’s Talk Food project. It also demonstrates how professionals working together can improve the reach and impact, therefore reaching out and sharing knowledge with other professionals seems natural. Ultimately, a strong profession, passionate about continually learning and sharing knowledge between each other, can have more of a positive effect on the health of those that they work with.

Eating Well for Menopause – A course for Health Professionals is our most popular course. It is lovely to read reviews like this from fellow nutritionists. Fellow nutritionists approving our courses is very rewarding. We hope to add more short courses for nutritionists in the near future. The next will be Women’s Heart Health and if you would like to pre-register to be one of the first to hear about it then head over to Let’s Talk Food.

Would definitely recommend this course to other professionals. I loved the breakdown of the courses and how easy it was to work through the sections. It was very informative and I feel like I have increased my confidence in working with menopausal women now

Lucy Webb

Menopause awareness is on the rise and this is a great CPD opportunity to meet that demand; with resources and delivered at a pace that allows you to take thorough notes. Provided a broad spectrum of information. Many thanks.

Caroline Vincent

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