eiffel towerBonjour et bienvenue

I am a Registered Nutritionist currently living just outside Paris.

I am passionate about giving evidence based advice on food and nutrition, inspiring people to get cooking, helping people to eat well when living with long term health issues and writing about all things food and nutrition.

Living in another country with a love of food can really be a window on the culture and people.  Especially in France.  I don’t just mean the boulangeries and pâtisseries, the array of cheeses and the fine wines, although there is no denying that they are amazing.  The love affair with Nutella, the eating warm baguette walking along the street, the sacred lunch time, gouter, people heading off to the woods to pick mushrooms or heading to gather shellfish at the beach…

On my blog, I will blend having fun discovering food and cooking here in France with all things nutrition – following news and science of food, sharing some tips for eating well and some recipes to inspire you to get cooking, and hopefully to know more about the food that you put on your plate.

If you live in the Paris area and are looking for nutrition or food advice in English then please contact me.