Cooking is good for your health…

…a thought provoking video about the decline in cooking from scratch and how this is having a massive effect on health.  Make yourself a cup of tea and have a watch. I would love to read your comments.

Teaching people to cook, reigniting the love for cooking, enabling people to make space in their day to cook is good for public health.  This will help reduce preventable chronic disease so maybe we need to be spending more on doing this.  We eat better and have more control of what we eat if we cook from scratch – full stop.  But that can only happen if people have the skills and confidence to do it.

I would be interested to compare the rates of home cooking and the rate of its decline in France with that of the UK and USA.  France seems much more in touch with food and where it comes from than the UK.

I am also interested in the point made about ‘nudge’ principles being objected to when used by government or health bodies to encourage positive change – putting a limit on the size of cups that soft drinks are served in for example – and yet this kind of social engineering is being used all the time in marketing of food in all manner of settings.

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